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Account Setup Guides

Microsoft Windows 2000 Logo

Follow the Step-by-Step guide below to setup your MAXITEC Dial-up connection in Microsoft Windows2000.

Setup Dial-up for Windows 2000:

  1. Bottom left hand side of your screen, click on Start, then Programs, then Accessories, then Comunications and finally Network Connections.
  2. Double-click on Make New Connection.
    Windows 2000 Setup
  3. Click Next.
    Click the button next to Dial-up to the Internet.
    Windows 2000 Setup
  4. Click Next.
    Click next to the third line I want to set up my Internet connection manually...
    Windows 2000 Setup
  5. Click Next.
    Click next to connect with a phone line and modem.
    Windows 2000 Setup
  6. Click Next.
    Enter the following telephone number, 0860007249.
    Windows 2000 Setup
  7. Click Next.
    Enter your Username and Password that Maxitec supplie to you on sign of account
    Windows 2000 Setup
  8. Click Next.
    Give it the name Maxitec
    Windows 2000 Setup
  9. Click Next.
    Click next to No (Those steps setup Outlook).
    Windows 2000 Setup
  10. Click Next.
    If you don't want to connect to the Internet right away, uncheck the box.
    Windows 2000 Setup
  11. Click Finish.