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Account Setup Guides

Microsoft Windows Vista Logo

Follow the Step-by-Step guide below to setup your MAXITEC Dial-up connection in Microsoft Windows Vista.

Setup Dial-up for Windows Vista:

  1. To start, please click on the start, then connect to.
    Windows Vista Setup
  2. Click Set up a connection or network at the bottom of the dialogue box.
    Windows Vista Setup
  3. Select Set up a dial-up connection and click Next.
    Windows Vista Setup
  4. In this box, please enter the following telephone number 0860007249.
    Below that enter the Username and password supplied to you from Maxitec upon activation of your account.
    Below that please enter you ISP name as Maxitec.
    Once done please tick, Allow other people to use the connection, and click Connect.
    Windows Vista Setup
  5. You will see this window as the connection you created tests and connects to Maxitec.
    Windows Vista Setup
  6. Once connected to the internet the window open should look like this.
    Windows Vista Setup
  7. To make a shortcut of the connection on your Desktop, open up the Network Connections window that was opened earlier in the setup, Click and drag the Maxitec connection onto your Desktop and a shortcut will be placed there.
    Windows Vista Setup