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2018-03-28 10:32:06

VAT Increase

Note that all invoices for and after 1 April 2018 will include VAT at the new rate of 15%.

2017-01-01 09:00:00

RESOLVED Major ADSL outage, Western Cape

Engineers are attending. No ETA yet. Capped and uncapped, ADSL and
fibre links affected.

UPDATE: 11h00
Update:The downtime is due to a major fibre break. Engineers are attending.
We are awaiting feedback. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: 15h00
Network outage resolved.

2016-09-27 08:26:39

Hermanus ADSL down

Other - Hermanus 2 - Data Service Down - Telkom Technician investigating

10h30 Resolved

2016-08-12 08:00:00

Telkom Line Issues Hermanus

Several Telkom lines are down in the Hermanus area. Telkom are attending
to the problem. Voice and data services are affected including our own
helpdesk lines.

Please contact our alternative line of 087 550 1629 if you require any further updates.

2016-03-03 10:40:05

DNS Resolution Issues [UPDATE]

UPDATE (Thu Mar 3 15:49:11 SAST 2016):
The issue has been resolved and all services should be functioning as normal


We have received reports of users experiencing issues with browsing and other services that rely on DNS lookups.

A temporary solution would be to use Static DNS's on your Router or Network Adapter.

Google DNS's can be used which are as follows:

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

2016-03-01 09:17:31

International Network Outage

We are receiving reports from clients experiencing problems with some
international websites on our DSL network. Affected sites include Facebook,
Twitter and Skype. Engineers are busy investigating the cause. We apologise for
the inconvenience.

2016-01-22 14:36:59

ADSL Issues Hermanus

UPDATE: Sat Jan 23 07:04:03 2016 Most ADSL lines have been restored with certain
links only coming up at Jan/22/2016 03:26. Please contact our helpdesk if your
line is still down within the Hermanus CBD. Telkom technicians are currently
onsite investigate an ADSL outage affecting the Hermanus CBD area.

2015-10-31 14:53:19

Resolved - ADSL Issue Hermanus

Update 16:45 Telkom estimate another 3 hours to repair.
Telkom ADSL problem in Hermanus Central.
Other - Hermanus 2 - Data Service Down - Telkom Technician investigating

2015-10-28 09:14:28

Routing Issue

Resolved: 2015-10-28 10:00
There appears to be a routing issue between the North and
South of the country, possibly cable theft related. Symptoms
are slow Internet to some local sites.

2015-10-22 09:20:42

Switch to new network

Justdata and basic ADSL users are being switched to a new tier 1 Internet
provider. Short interruptions are possible during the next 3 days and we
apologize for any inconvenience caused. The switch is away from MTN to a
network hosted by Neotel. This is being done to improve overall performance
and provide a better service.

2015-10-18 10:01:26

ADSL issue on MTN network

RESOLVED 13:40: We are seeing ADSL authentication via the MTN network
again. Still no word on the cause. We will update when we know.

UPDATE: The nationwide issue on the MTN network continues
and has affected a number of ISPs. MTN has unfortunately
been the target of DDOS attacks in the past. We do not yet
know if this is the case this time and will post a message
here as soon as we have more information. We would also like
to announce that we will be changing upstream network providers
later this week to ensure ongoing network stability.

There is an authentication issue on the MTN ADSL network.
Network engineers are attending.

2015-10-16 12:03:21

ADSL issue on MTN network

Resolved: 13:30 The ADSL network issue has been identified as a DDOS attack
against the MTN network. MTN has put measures in place to mitigate the attack
and ADSL services should return to normal.

There is an issue on the MTN network causing slow connectivity for justdata
ADSL accounts. MTN network engineers are attending.

2015-10-13 15:35:56

Resolved - ADSL Outage

Resolved 19h56
There is currently an authentication outage on the TELKOM ADSL network.
It is a national issue affecting most ISPs and Telkom are attending.

2015-09-15 11:30:00

Telkom ADSL fault Hermanus

UPDATE: 20h00. Telkom reports issue resolved. Our own monitoring systems do
show affected customers connecting again.

Hermanus - Data Service Down - Telkom Technician investigating
(Testing: DSLAM/MSAN Equipment)

2015-09-11 08:00:00

Telkom Fault Report

RESTORED: ADSL services have been restored. Please let us know if you still
have an ADSL connectivity problem.

UPDATE: Telkom have a status update on the fault. Estimated time to repair
is 5 hours. We will update as we have more info from Telkom.

Hermanus - Data Service Down - Telkom Technician investigating
(Testing: DSLAM/MSAN Equipment) Only a small number of lines are
affected. Please let us have you phone number so that we can monitor
restoration of the service. Telkom currently have no estimate time to repair.

2015-09-09 08:00:00

Telkom ADSL Network Issues

Telkom are currently having technical problems on the ADSL network in the Overstrand area. Telkom are attending.

2015-09-08 09:01:04

Onrus and Sandbaai ADSL Network Problems

Resolved: 09:20 Onrusrivier 2 - Data Service Down - Telkom Technician investigating.

2015-09-08 08:00:00

International Routing Issues

UPDATE: 2015-09-08 Resolved.

MTN are investigating International routing issues. Access to some parts
of the Internet is affected.

2015-05-15 10:33:40

Telkom Outage

UPDATE: The ADSL issues have been marked as resolved.
There is currently an outage in the greater Hermanus area of ADSL fixed line access.
Telkom Technicians are investigating the matter with urgency.

2015-04-28 10:24:57

Mailbox maintenance

We will be performing mailbox upgrades during the next week during which
time your mailbox may be inaccessible. The disruption should be less than
a minute while your mailbox is upgraded. We will post a message here when
the upgrades have been completed.

2015-03-25 08:26:05

Planned uncapped ADSL maintenance

UPDATE 15h20
Planned maintenance has been completed. If your ADSL modem is not signing
in please switch the ADSL modem off for 60 seconds and then switch back
on. If your modem still does not sign in please call our helpdesk.

We will be performing an authentication server switch at 10:00 on our uncapped
ADSL services. Sessions will be reset to authenticate against the new server
and this will result in downtime of about 60 seconds or less.

2015-03-17 08:18:42

Hermanus ADSL Problem

Telkom exchange fault resolved. No news yet from Telkom regarding
the fault.

UPDATE 12:00
Telkom still attending to Hermanus ADSL fault.

Telkom performed maintenance on the Hermanus infrastructure
last night that seems to have resulted in a failure. Telkom
are attending.

2015-02-16 16:32:41

Mail Server

Resolved: 16:39 Mail server is up again.

Our mail server is down at the moment. Technical support is looking into the problem.

2015-02-04 08:23:04

Telkom Outage

A Telkom network node router in the Bellville exchange failed last night at
21h00 resulting in no or degraded network access in the southern half of the
country. Services were restored by 08h00 this morning. Telkom appears
to be under severe pressure at the moment and the current load shedding
is not helping. We thank you for your understanding and support at this time.

2015-01-31 08:00:00

Telkom ADSL Outage

A number of ADSL customers in Hermanus have reported problems with ADSL access.
SAIX have confirmed that it is related to upgrades performed on the ADSL
infrastructure by Telkom and that they are aware of the problem. They have not
given any time to repair. We will continue to monitor and escallate.

UPDATE 2015-02-02 13h00
The issue was escallated to SAIX yesterday and we have just received feeback
that they are investigating an issue in the Hermanus Telkom exchange.

UPDATE 2015-02-03 8h00
Telkom suspects an issue with transmission software in the Hermanus exchange
and are working on resolving the problem.

RESOLVED 2015-02-03 15h50
Telkom have resolved the ADSL issue. A software issue affected about
23000 Telkom ADSL customers. Please power cycle your ADSL modem if you
were affected and report to our helpdesk if you continue to have an ADSL
problem. Thank you for your understanding.